National Children’s Dental Health Month!

The month of February has been declared National Children’s Dental Health Month by the American Dental Association. For this reason, here at Alexandria Center Of Dentistry, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate parents and children for maintaining healthy mouths. In addition, we want to reinforce the importance of oral heath at a young age by providing some tips for parents.

  • It’s never too early to see a dentist for your child. You can begin visiting dentists from when the first tooth appears. 
  • Don’t underestimate first teeth! Taking care of baby teeth is important for the future oral health of your kids. Start brushing your baby’s teeth from the first tooth using very little fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Clean baby’s gums everyday. Use a wet cloth and wipe the gums to remove any bacteria.
  • It’s very important to teach kids how to floss at an early age so they don’t suffer from tooth decay. 
  • According to the ADA, more than 40% of children have tooth decay by the time they reach Kindergarten, more than asthma. 
  • Avoid sugary drinks and keep offering water to your kids. It’s very important for them to stay hydrated to keep away from sugar. Water helps rinse away bacteria and particles and promotes a healthy mouth. Water can keep away cavities. 
  • Change your kids toothbrush every 4 months. 

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National Children’s Dental Health Month Fact Sheet (ADA.Org)

National Children’s Dental Health observances began with a one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio and a one-week event in Akron, Ohio during February 1941.

Since then, the concept has grown from a two-city event into a nationwide program. The American Dental Association held the first national observance of Children’s Dental Health Day on February 8, 1949. Furthermore, the single day observance became a weeklong event in 1955. In 1981, the program was extended to a month-long celebration known today as National Children’s Dental Health Month.

NCDHM messages reach millions of people in communities across the country and at numerous armed service bases.  Local observances often include poster, coloring and essay contests, health fairs, free dental screenings, museum exhibits, classroom presentations and dental office tours.

Attitudes and habits established at an early age are critical in maintaining good oral health throughout life. By participating in the annual celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month, members of the dental team, parents, teachers and others can help keep children’s smiles beautiful now and for years to come.

This year’s NCDHM campaign slogan, “Water, Nature’s Drink!” is displayed in English on one side of the poster in Spanish on the reverse side.

"Water, Nature's Drink!"
“Water, Nature’s Drink!”