What are All-on-X implants?

9 Mar

What are all-on-x dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the most important discoveries in dental history and the all-on-x procedure took implants to the next level. It is important to understand how dental implants work in order to comprehend all-on-x implants. The dental implant placement procedure consists of replacing the missing or damaged tooth with the implant which is either Titanium or ceramic, and then replacing the missing tooth crown with a crown using an abutment, which connects the crown with the screw. The all-on-x process allows patients to replace multiple missing or damages teeth at the same time. 


The all-on-x process uses a dental bridge anchored by 4 implants that can be placed in your top or bottom teeth. The implants are positioned within the jawbone at the same time. All you need is 4 implants to replace multiple missing teeth. Since the implant is made of titanium, it can fuse to the bone; becoming a part of your jawbone. 


Some of the advantages of All-on-x are that it is cost efficient, it replaces all your teeth in one day, it has a natural appearance and can last a very long time, and in most cases, it does not require bone grafting.  In addition, it helps prevent bone loss since it supports the bone, giving it more strength. 


All-on-x does not affect your speech abilities. Once your new implants are in, you can eat and drink whatever your desire. To maintain your new smile, you need to treat the implants as natural teeth and take care of them the same way you would your old teeth by brushing at least twice a day.  

All-on-x procedure shows how the titanium is inserted
All-on-x procedure

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