Food that are great for your teeth!

8 Jan

Now we all know that certain sugary and starchy foods are known to cause dental problems, but which food is actually great for your teeth? 

For instance, high calcium foods help strengthen your teeth while certain vegetables can whiten them! Did you know celery can act as a natural floss for your teeth? Below, we take a look at a list of snacks that promote a healthy smile. 

1. Cheese

As we discussed above, high-calcium foods are great for teeth and bone density. Cheese, which is high in calcium also has casein. Casein is a dairy protein that releases amino acids which promotes muscle growth and it helps strengthen the tooth enamel. In addition, any chewy food is good for teeth because it raises the level of saliva in the mouth and rinse any existing bacteria. 

2. Vegetables and Fruits

Ok you might need to keep your distance after eating them, but truth is, garlic and onions are very important for your dental health. Garlic contains strong anti microbic substances that are great for tooth decay and onions contain antibacterial substances that can protect you from future gum diseases. Crunchy, watery vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli are natural teeth cleaners. Meanwhile celery is nature’s dental floss! Other vegetables in the lettuce and kale family are packed with Calcium and vitamins that can help your mouth stay healthy and fresh! 

Fruits have the same benefits as vegetables. They contain lots of Vitamin C and can self clean your teeth by increasing the saliva flow while you’re chewing. 

3. Nuts

There are many overall health benefits to nuts, but they have key substances that also benefit dental health. They are healthy fats that contain a lot of calcium, vitamin D, E, B6, fibre, iron, magnesium, fiber, and many minerals and nutrients that help fight dental issues such as tooth decay and gum diseases. 

4. Meat & Fish

One of the main reasons meat can promote healthy teeth is because it’s chewable. Anything chewable produces more saliva and this increase in saliva flow really helps clean your mouth from any potential bacteria. As far as fish, the most important reason fish is good for your teeth is the extremely high amount of phosphorous it has. Phosphorous really helps in preserving tooth enamel.


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