Start the new year, with a new smile!

1 Jan

Start the new year, with a new smile!

Start the new year, with a new smile!

With a New Year starting soon, it’s time to think about your personal goals. What do you want to achieve in the coming year? How can you help yourself get ahead in your career or build some new personal relationships? One small change can actually jump start your success for this year and the years to come. It’s time for Alexandria center of dentistry smile makeover.

Here are some dental health tips to consider that will keep you smiling and feeling great:

Commit to floss

Brushing your teeth after every meal is a great start to achieving a healthy smile, but it can’t stop there. The truth is, just brushing is not enough to get every last food particle from in between your teeth. If you want your teeth to truly be clean and bright, you’ll need to commit to flossing regularly. Keep floss on your bathroom counter where you can see it and write a little reminder to floss on your bathroom mirror so you don’t forget. You can even pack extra floss in your purse or work bag so you don’t forget to floss while at work or school.

Eat healthy foods

Brushing and flossing are great for your oral health, but what are you feeding your body? Dairy foods are high in calcium and are just wonderful for your teeth. Fibrous foods like crunchy carrots and apples call up saliva and scrub away plaque and other food debris. Eating a healthy diet after the holidays is a great way to start your year feeling healthy and strong.

Decrease sugar intake

If you want a healthy mouth this year, you should consider limiting your sugar intake. Not only would it be good for your overall health, but you would significantly decrease your chances of experiencing tooth decay and cavities. The best way to limit your sugar intake is to simply reduce the amount of sweet treats you buy from the store. Try substituting sugary snacks with fruit and nuts and substitute soda with sparkling water or other sugar-free drinks like La Croix.

Try teeth whitening

If your teeth could use a little rise and shine for the new year, we’d highly recommend teeth whitening treatments! Teeth whitening is a great way to add some polish and confidence to an already great smile. During your next appointment, ask us about your teeth whitening options; we’d be happy to help.

Schedule a dental appointment

Finally, if you can’t remember the last time you went to the dentist, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing sensitivity or any kind of pain at all, it’s very important to make an appointment as soon as possible to address the problem before it gets worse. We'd love to help you and your family get a head start on your dental health goals this year. Give us a call at (703)719-9305 today!