April Fools has been around since the 19th century

1 Apr
April fool day

April Fools has been around since the 19th century

April Fools’ Day, also known as April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day, is celebrated each year on the first day of April. It has been popular since the 19th century and is well known in Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil and the United States – although it is not a national holiday in any country. It is celebrated as the day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

 Here are some Dental myths that have been around, Some are funny and false!

  • To help children’s teeth grow, take the brain of a hen and rub the gums therewith.
  • For tooth polish, use powder ground from 1 rabbit’s head plus 3 mice.
  • Brushing harder, cleans better.
  • Charcoal toothpaste is superior.
  • Mom will lose a tooth for every child.
  • To get rid of Toothache, Run 3 times around a church.
  • If you have gaped teeth, you will travel widely.
  • Bleeding gums are normal.
  • No oral health concerns means no need for an exam.

As fun as the pranks can be to plan and as big as the laughs that follow can be, dental care is no joke!

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